Glee Cheerleader Costume

The Glee Cheerleader Costume is now available! Once you put it on you’ll be a part of the cheerleader squad at WMHS. Available for Teens and Adults and officially licensed!

Teen Cheerleader CostumeAdult Cheerleader Costume

Sue Sylvester’s track suit is here! Her costume is great for halloween or a costume party. Available to buy in Teen and Adult sizes, a perfect fit for anyone and officially licensed!

Teen Track Suit CostumeAdult Track Suit Costume

Noah “Puck” Puckerman’s Football Jacket Costume is here! Try this on and become part of the WMHS football team. Available in Teen and Adult sizes and officially licensed!

Adult Glee Football Costume

Reality TV has become America’s favorite pastime.  Hoping to see two juiceheads brawl it out in a bar? Look no further than ‘Jersey Shore’.  If you have expensive taste, ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ leaves even the most designer-loving Park Avenue –dwelling yenta’s jaw dropped. But if you want to see real issues in a non-news setting, one show has become the frontrunner for children and adults alike: Glee.

Glee’s popularity shot up after a successful first season and fans are already anticipating the start of its third. With musical and dance numbers ranging from Lady Gaga to Jay-Z, one cannot imagine anything realistic about the candy-coated Glee Club and its members’ lives.

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